APRIL 27-28, 2019

New Coalinga Municipal Airport

Coalinga, California

Registration Will Open March 4th.

CSF is beyond thrilled to hear about Motovicity bringing an amazing 1/2 mile racing event to California in April, 2018. 1/2 mile racing is one of the most exciting & growing motorsports in the country, especially on the west coast. This high-energy, adrenaline packed type of racing has really pushed the boundaries of car builders around the world to bring some of the fastest and most powerful cars to the air strip to see who really builds the fastest cars.
— Ravi Dolwani CSF Cooling - Racing & High Performance.


2640 feet, 31680 inches, one half mile! However you measure it, Never Lift is the side by side racing event that will blow your pants off with speeds topping 200 mph. We’re not constricted to the usual ¼ mile, this is the opportunity for everyone have a top speed chance and have a damn good time doing it too, while Motovicity pays out $38,500 in cash prizes!

Motovicity, in collaboration with Shift-S3ctor, are bringing together some of the fastest cars, top performance brands, and best builders and shops to throw down during this supersonic shootout taking off in late April 2018.

The two-day action-packed event will feature more than 200 high-powered vehicles all competing for ultimate bragging rights and impressive prizes.

Never Lift: “To keep your foot firmly planted on the gas with complete disregard for human life” - Urban Dictionary



Motovicity is an award winning performance aftermarket warehouse distributor, that has since 2002, been introducing the industry’s finest brands to a unique group of customers. Motovicity utilizes its proven track record and trusted relationships to provide brands direct access to the most prominent, as well as youth-driven, shops and retailers nationwide.


Shift-S3ctor is an automotive event organizer, specializing in high horsepower racing events. Beginning in 2011, Shift-S3ctor was the first organization to bring dedicated side-by-side roll racing events to the Western United States and has grown to build a new standard and genre of racing; the half-mile event.  Shift-S3ctor’s expertise lies in hosting and organizing high-speed, ridiculously powered racing events held at airports throughout the country.