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I understand that if I'm granted media credentials for Never Lift, that I'm expected to produce coverage within a timely manner. The approval of future credentials rely on my providing coverage and notifying the organizers that my coverage is available for viewing. I understand that Never Lift is organized by Motovicity, Shift-S3ctor & All coverage shall properly reflect & credit such. I understand that organizers have the rights to re-use and reproduce images taken at Never Lift and if images are to be used for publication(s) rights/credits shall be given to Motovicity and Never Lift. Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify Never Lift, Motovicity, Shift-S3ctor LLC & Revvolution LLC and any of their affiliates against any claims, losses or damage. These conditions may change at any time and are subject to limitations.
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I understand that all media are required to fill out the Media Waiver and Rights Form prior to entering the event venue.